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Due to an absolutely crushing, unprecedented work load and school obligations on top of that, I have not been able to update Sure Got a Dirty Mouth as often as I hoped. Due to being asked repeatedly about when I will update again, with ever-increasing degrees of urgency, I have decided to let all my readers know to not expect any more updates of Sure Got a Dirty Mouth until the beginning of April. Rather than put myself through even more pressure trying to steal time from sleeping or basic physical self-care to write a new chapter, and feeling guilt every single day that I don't manage to do it, I have decided it would be kinder to my readers and myself to simply set a limit that I will not write any more of this story for the next two months.

If you appreciate what I do and respect me as a person, please do not ask for updates, and respect that I will write more as soon as I possibly can. IF I am able to write something sooner (and that is an IF of epic proportion), I will, but please do not expect one or ask about the next chapter. I absolutely love your investment in this story and your continued support, and I am grateful for both. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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