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Title: Sure Got a Dirty Mouth Thanksgiving (a new chapter OUT OF ORDER)

Author[livejournal.com profile] justinedelarge
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean 
Rating: R
Warning: Wincest (Sam is a few months shy of legal age)
Word Count: 1600
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Just for fun.
Summary: Ever wonder how Dean started talking dirty? The genesis is in the way Sam and Dean make their feelings for each other physical. This story has dirty talk, all the feels you can handle, infinite love and even a plot that develops into a nail-biting narrative, with the best kind of hurt/comfort. 
Chapter Summary: 
I am jumping ahead here, but I needed to write a little Thanksgiving moment to post ON Thanksgiving. As a thank you to all of you, because one thing I'm most thankful for this year is the Supernatural family, and in particular, all you people who see that Wincest is LOVE, not perversion, and know it to be one of the most beautiful love stories ever told.

So this will come after a few chapters I have yet to write, where John, Bobby and Reggie have their scene in the warehouse. In this scene, John, Bobby and Reggie are back, and there are a few new hunters who have come to spend Thanksgiving with the Winchesters and Bobby.
Request: Comments and encouraging feedback are really appreciated. If you read my fics and like them, please take a moment to let me know. This will encourage me to write more for you. If I don't respond to each comment personally, please understand that I read and cherish ALL OF THEM.

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